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Best Funny Prank Gifts for Christmas and New Year

🎄 Year 2020 is nearby and we know that many of you are looking for great christmas gag gifts ideas or funny gag gift for friends, Apart from DIY your own gift 🎁, you can also take a look of following top 5 prank gadget products by Brainless Buy:

1. Fake electric shocking iPhone ⚡📱

The electronic shocking products evolved from a gum package to pen, cigarettes lighter and now even the electric shocking iPhone ⚡📱! Once touching the home button like your normal iPhone, a surprise electric shock will come through you!


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2. Plastic prank Spoofed Overturned Cup ☕ and Mobile Stand

What’s worse than spilling your drink ☕ on your latest MacBook keyboard💻 or your favourite dress👗? This handmade overturned cup can definitely a lot of panic, scream and fun! It has 5 choices including Starbuck cup, Cola Cup, Instant Noodles, Japan Soup or Bubble Tea.


3. Wooden Prank Box 📦 with Scary Spider/ Scorpion/ Centipede

Perfect for Parties or Anytime! Easy to Use! Just hand the scare box 📦 to someone, put it on a counter or side table, they will naturally want to slide the top open to see what is inside. When they do, out jumps a vivid creepy wiggly Spider 🕷, Scorpion🦂 or Centipede🐛! Maybe you can even set up your video camera to capture the moment!


4. The hazard 18cm retraceable dagger 🔪

Do you feel threatened when a sharp knife pointing toward you? What if your best friend stab you right in front of you? 😱Terrified? Don’t worry! This sharp-looking knife 🔪 is a retractable dagger, that the shape blade will just retrace into the handle when it touches someone or something.


5. Realistic fake tongue 👅

Have you tried the “touch your tongue 👅 to your elbow” challenge when you are a kiddo? Now you have the best chance to pull your fake tongue and astonish your friends! Put it in your mouth and show them this challenge, it must burst them into laugh😂


We also got some disgusting items like fake pile of poo 💩 or realistic cockroaches if you like. You can find out more funny prank toys and prank kits below: