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12 Best new year meme for 2020 😂

Ah, New Year's Eve... what would we do without you? These hilarious New Year's Eve memes ask that exact same question. Love it or hate it, we never have to worry about life without New Year's Eve. We have it every year, and every year it has the power to give us the feels.

For some of us, it's nostalgia, while for others, it's a sense of hope for the future. No matter what New Year's Eve does to your sentiments, the coming of a new year and the passing of time can't be stopped. So why not have a laugh at it? After all, as Carrie Fisher once wrote, "If my life wasn't funny it would just be true, and that is unacceptable." And guess what guys? If Princess Leia says it, you know you can believe it.

So that being said, it's time to take a breather, reflect on what's happened, anticipate what will change, and have a good chuckle at the way we treat New Year's Eve. There's no better medicine than laughter, especially when you have the ability to laugh at yourself. Happy New Year, friends! May the new year bring you as much happiness as these memes do. 

1. Someone have a party!

Someone have a party!

2. New Year’s Eve bring it on!

New Year’s Eve bring it on

3. Sequins...Sequins everywhere

Sequins everywhere

4. Almost time for that “new year, new me“ bullshit

Almost time for that new year new me bullshit

5. Partying on New Years Eve is I eat cheesecake instead

6. Brace yourself...The first hangover is coming

7. This New Year’s Eve, at around 11:55pm, order a 🍕 for delivery, when arrives tell the driver “I ordered this a year ago!”

8. When You spent all your 💰 at the club on new year eve and forgot rent due on the 1st

9. I always thought the NY New York Eve Ball Drop was lame...Every year it is reconfirmed

10. Yeah, so I’m going to need you to work new year eve...yeah it’s be great.👍