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Is heart of the ocean real exist?

Is heart of the ocean real exist?

In fact the famous diamond necklace “The heart of the ocean” in the movie “Titanic” was not the only one, there were three of them. Two of them were ordered from London jewellery company named Asprey & Garrard.

Necklace with blue triangle-cut cubic zirconia surrounded by smaller cubic zirconias in a frame of white gold was the first and it was that necklace that appears in the movie more often than others. Nowadays this necklace belongs to a private collection and sometimes appears at exhibitions devoted to the movie “Titanic”.

The second necklace appeared in the movie just once, when Caledon was taking it out of his safe before the shipwreck. This necklace had a heart-shaped blue cubic zirconia. J. Peterman Compony bought the second necklace along with other prop and the rights to copy and sell even before the release of the film. However, later they went bankrupt and the necklace had to be sold, now its fate is unknown.

The third necklace was also created by Asprey & Garrard, but after the screening the film in cinemas when it had a huge success. It was a platinum heart-shaped necklace surrounded by 103 diamonds with Ceylon blue sapphire of 171 carats. The necklace was sold at Sotheby’s in Beverly Hills for $1.4 and the proceeds were sent to Princess Diana charity and California charity Aid for AIDS. Also it is known that an anonymous buyer managed to negotiate the provision of the necklace to Celine Dion at the Oscar ceremony in 1998. After that it never left the private collection again.

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