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Trick or Treat? Candies or Mischief?

Trick or Treat? Candies or Mischief?

Trick-or-treating must be the most favourite Halloween custom for children. On October 31, little boys and girls disguised in costumes, most commonly witch hats and dark cloaks, holding Jack-O’-Lanterns in their hands and…

Knock-knock… “TRICK OR TREAT?”


Receiving the invitation, the poor homeowners could either give out sugary sweets or unlock the mischievous actions.

So it is a festival for children instead of ghosts, isn’t it? Right. But dear adults please stay happy. We are offering harmless but funny pranks for the kids out there at your door.

  1. Give them Easter eggs or mooncakes or whatever you left for the previous festivals.


  1. Fill their Jack-O’-Lanterns with pumpkin pulp and seeds.
  2. Answer the door dressing up like a physician and hand out pill-like candies.
  3. Give them a proper lecture about tooth decay before giving them candies.
  4. Gather a large group of friends in your house and “SURPRISE!” the kids as if they are the guest for your surprise party.
  5. Trick-or-treating them before they are ready to visit you.
  6. Wait for the kids at your yard. Appear as a mummy or skeleton and scare the heck out of them.
  7. Hand out a menu. Let them order their candies… and then give them the bill.
  8. Decorate your home with blood and broken limbs. Leave the door unlocked and let the kids explore your “secret life” as a vampire.
  9. Answer the door. Behave like you see something scary behind them and pass out.