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3M 2890S Safety Goggles

3M 2890S Safety Goggles

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The 3M™ 2890 Series includes three indirectly ventilated goggles (2890, 2890A and 2891-SGAF) and four sealed versions (2890S, 2890SA, 2895S and 2891S-SGAF).

All except 2895S feature a clear lens for protection against UV light. The 2895S features a Shade 5 lens for gas welding and cutting.

The 2891-SGAF and 2891S-SGAF lenses have a 3M™ Scotchgard™ coating giving an enhanced level of anti-scratch (AS) and anti-fog (AF) protection meeting K rating for anti-scratch (AS) and N rating for anti-fog (AF) as per EN 166:2001.


Key features

Optical class 1 lens for prolonged use
Modern slim design
Wide adjustable strap for comfortable fit
Pivoting ratchet for individual adjustment and fit
Indirect ventilation to improve air circulation and reduce fogging in hot/humid conditions (2890/2890A/2891-SGAF)
Additional protection against gas and fine particles (2890S/2890SA/2895S/2891S-SGAF)
Acetate lens option for increased chemical resistance (2890A/2890SA)
Can be worn over prescription spectacles
Weight 99g
Replacement acetate lens